Add an affirmation widget to your iPhone's homescreen

The Clair app comes with around 200 hand-crafted affirmations. Also provided is an affirmation widget for your homescreen:

Clair Affirmations Widget

Here's how to add the affirmation widget:

Or follow the steps below:

Tap on the screen of your iPhone and hold until the icons start to wiggle. Tap the "Plus"-button in the top left:

Edit iPhone homescreen

In the search field, enter "Clair", then tap the app icon to see the available widgets

Available Affirmation Widgets

Swipe to the left until the affirmation widget is shown:

Select affirmation widget

Tap "Add widget":

Add affirmation widget

The affirmation widget has been added to the homescreen. Tap anywhere on the screen to exit edit mode.

Configure the homescreen affirmation widget

You can set the style of the affirmation widget directly in the Clair app. In the "Affirmations"-tab, tap the cog-wheel icon in the bottom left to open the "Settings"-panel:

Affirmation widget style

Scroll to the bottom, then swipe left to see all available styles. Tap any style preview to select it; the selection is indicated by a blue check mark.

Note that it can take several minutes for the affirmation widget to update. The settings you make here are stored and synched across all your devices.

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