Reading and interpreting Tarot

Tarot Spreads

Learning Tarot involves more than just shuffling cards and memorizing their meanings; it requires the development of intuition and honing reading skills. While the symbolism of each card holds significance, true mastery of Tarot comes from an intuitive connection with the cards and the ability to weave a narrative that resonates with the seeker.

Trust Your Intuition

At the heart of Tarot reading is intuition – that gut feeling guiding you to interpret the cards beyond their literal meanings. When facing a spread, take a moment to observe the images, colors, and emotions evoked. What do they stir within you? Trusting your instincts allows a personal connection with the cards, fostering a unique interpretation that speaks directly to the querent's situation.

Embrace Symbolic Imagination

Each Tarot card is a collection of symbols, and interpreting them requires a vivid imagination. Instead of relying solely on conventional interpretations, it's better to look into the symbolic world of the cards. Consider the archetypal meanings, cultural symbols, and your own personal associations. Allow your mind to roam freely, connecting the dots between cards and weaving a rich, symbolic narrative.

Practice Regularly

Like any skill, proficiency in Tarot reading comes with consistent practice. Set aside time regularly to engage with your cards. Pull daily draws, experiment with different spreads, and reflect on how the cards relate to your experiences. This not only strengthens your bond with the Tarot but also hones your ability to effortlessly weave a story during readings.

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