Tarot spreads

Tarot Spreads

When diving into the world of Tarot, one quickly encounters the spreads and layouts that are used to interpret the cards. Tarot spreads are more than just a random arrangement of cards; they are strategic patterns that lend depth and nuance to a reading. Let's explore the secrets behind these layouts and how they can enhance your Tarot practice.

Three-Card Spread I: Past, Present, and Future ("PPF")

For quick insights or focused inquiries, this three-card spread is a popular choice. Each card in this simple yet powerful spread represents the past, present, and future, offering concise answers to the user's questions. Its simplicity makes it versatile, suitable for both beginners and experienced readers. This spread is the default in the Clair app.

Initially, the "Tarot" tab shows the three card spread with all three cards hidden. Tap the left-most ("Past") card to reveal it:

Tarot App Spread Past Present Future

To open the reading, tap the card again:

Tarot App Spread Past Present Future Reading

Tap the "Refresh"-button in the top right to shuffle the cards for a new reading.

Per default, Clair will not consider the reverse position of cards for a reading. You can enable the interpretation of reversed cards in the main settings ("hamburger"-button in the top right of the main screen):

Tarot App Reverse Reading

Three-Card Spread II: Situation, Obstacle, Advice ("SOA")

Another useful spread that helps with everyday situations. The cards in the spread represent your situation or problem, the obstacles you may encounter and advice to solve the problem or issue at hand.

The Celtic Cross: A Classic Divination Tool

The Celtic Cross is perhaps the most well-known Tarot spread. Comprising ten cards laid out in a specific pattern, it offers a comprehensive view of the querent's situation. Each position in the spread represents different aspects of the question or issue at hand, providing a nuanced and detailed analysis. However, the Celtic Cross is easy to misinterpret and less suitable for beginners.

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